Our Goals

WholeLifeGo for your health:

Boost energy levels by increasing your unprocessed vegetable consumption with our meals. We replace empty calories from oils and processed ingredients with high quality whole plants. Our goal is provide food where every calorie provides benefit and whole nutrition. So stuff yourself healthy!

Healthy plant based eating provides all the macro and micro nutrients needed for health and provides benefits like lower risk for many chronic diseases and even reversal of certain disease like heart disease and diabetes.

WholeLifeGo for the environment:

It is no secret that eating lower on the food chain is one of the most powerful things that one can do for the environment. Replacing animal products with plants and even more so unprocessed plant based foods contributes significantly less to environmental challenges like water use, green-house gas emissions, species extinction, ocean dead zones, land use, antibiotic resistance and so on.

We strive for zero waste and offer our customers alternatives to standard grab and go packaging. Our packaging is constantly evolving as new solutions become available so look forward to continuous improvements.

We are proud to be the first coffee cup swap program in Calgary by teaming up with Huskee. Your one time purchase of the beautifully designed 100% compostable cup will replace all your single use takeaway cups for as long as you drink on the go. Learn more at huskee.co/swap/

WholeLifeGo for your lifestyle support:

Maintain high energy levels with healthy unprocessed plants so you can keep up with today’s busy lifestyle.

Our goal is to support healthy lifestyle choices that are sustainable in the long run for every customer regardless if you are curious about plant based eating, trying to get your kids to eat more veggies, or are all in but want to spend less time in the kitchen. We understand the challenges of changing lifestyle habits and can make those changes easier.

Our minimarket café is a one stop plant-based shop which inspires healthy living, making it  easy and fun. Stay in and enjoy our cafe, select from our comprehensive grab and go ready made products, or pick up organic grocery and fresh produce for your own healthy meals at home.

WholeLifeGo for the community:  

As a business we have the power to improve our local community and are committed to reducing food waste, a major problem in Canada. We are teaming up with The Leftovers Foundation who works to divert perfectly good food from the landfill or compost and deliver it to local citizens who have limited access to healthy food. Learn more-> https://rescuefood.ca/

WholeLifeGo for convenience:

Healthy lifestyle changes are more sustainable in the long run if they are convenient and easy. Grab and go items for pickup or online delivery can help you save time so you can stick to your goals.

WhoeLifego for long term savings:

A diet rich in whole unprocessed staple foods like beans and grains can save you a lot of money. Grab your favorite organic ingredients from our shop and prepare these foods at home.